Introducing: Free Spirited CAL

As announced on my Instagram, I’m hosting my first CAL! How exciting is that?

If you missed the video, no worries, you can see it below:


CAL Info

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You can find all the CAL info here on my website, but if you’d like, please feel free to sign up for emails to be notified of the newest releases and any other extra special info pertaining to this CAL


The Yarn

As mentioned in the video, the yarn I’ll be using is Scheepjes Whirl in the Pistachi Oh So Nice colorway. This yarn is classified as a 1/Fingering Weight yarn. I got mine from Texas Yarn Farm.


However, I believe you’ll be able to use any yarn of your choosing (using an appropriate size hook for the weight of your yarn), and it should turn out just as well. I’d love to hear from y’all what yarn you’ll be using and see progress photos tagged #freespiritedCAL on social media.


The Hook

I will be using a Susan Bates G6/4.00mm hook for my blanket…but just as any yarn should do, any hook should do as long as it is appropriate for the weight of yarn. Just remember, too small of a hook will result in curling/not laying flat.

Release Day

I’ve decided release day will be Thursdays, so the first release will be this Thursday, August 24, 2017. This release will include the beginning base round and one working round; all others will be one round only.

I will release a new round each week until the blanket is finished. As mentioned in the video, I’m not really sure how large this blanket will be just yet since I’m just going with the flow and making it up as I go.

Who Can Join?

Anyone! US and International makers are welcome… I’ll be using US terms throughout. Whether Beginner, Advanced or anywhere in between, this is gonna be fun!

Other Info

I’ve been asked if this would be a good project for the crochet beginner…and while I can’t really answer that since I have no idea what all I’m putting into the blanket, I still believe that it would be a great project for a beginner. Why? Because it may challenge you and you’ll get to learn some new stitches and share in a community of makers. I’m also available to try to help if you get stuck at any point.

Even though I don’t know how large the blanket will really turn out, I’m aiming for somewhere between a baby size and a decent afghan size depending on how it works up after a while.


Share, Share, Share!

Please share this with your fellow crafters who you think may be interested in joining us, and please also share your progress on your favorite social media platforms using the hashtag #FreeSpiritedCAL for the community to see!

I’m excited to step outside my comfort zone with this and I can’t wait for y’all to join me on this journey!


Don’t forget to sign up for emails, if you’d like to receive them, for this CAL



One thought on “Introducing: Free Spirited CAL

  1. Hi, Lucy!
    Right now, I’m not sure how many balls of yarn…part of the mystery 🙂 I’m starting with one of the Whirl cakes from Scheepjes and seeing how far it takes me. The Whirl cake has 225g/1094yds per ball if that helps to get you started (and it’s a fingering/sock weight).

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