FREE patterns and Community of Love Kindness Blanket

Kindness Blanket – a Community of Love project

A while back, The Patchwork Heart had a fabulous idea. She asked the UK community of crocheters to each make a flower square and send it to her, then she would join them all into a community made blanket…and one lucky contributor would win the blanket once it was finished. You can see her original post here and the latest post here.

After designing my latest two patterns for another purpose, I decided it would be so awesome to do something similar here…..but using these two new patterns. I would love to see the US crochet community come together and create a lovely blanket that someone will be blessed with upon completion….with a small twist. The twist is this: instead of giving the blanket to one of the contributors, I would love to help my friend, Niki, with her Throw Kindness Like Confetti project. She has a different family or person in need each month that is blessed by a community of people wanting to show kindness and encouragement each day of that month. I would love for our crochet community to come together to create a blanket that would bless one of these people.

So this is what I’m asking of the crochet community – using one (or both) of my new flower square patterns, create as many squares as you’d like. Don’t join them….just put them in a box or envelope and send them to me. I will join them and make the blanket with them. Once it is complete, I will coordinate with Niki to get it to one of the people she is helping.

Are you in? If you are, please download the pattern(s) and email me to let me know you’re in so I can get you my shipping information. Take photos of your finished squares and tag them #CoLKindnessBlanket on social media…I’d love to see your squares (even if you don’t send them to me).

Timing : I will need all squares shipped in time to arrive to me by May 4, 2015. Anyone can participate—worldwide!

Spread the word, spread the kindness…let’s see how many fellow crocheters we can get in on this awesome project!


Free Patterns: Rose Flower Square and Puffy Flower Square

As I mentioned, I designed two new patterns…flower squares. I designed them initially for a custom request, and after designing them, I had the idea of the Community of Love Kindness Blanket and wanted to offer them for free.

The best part about the one square, the Rose Flower Square, is that it is a no-sew rose! How fabulous is that? I love making crochet roses, but I am not a fan of sewing….and especially for a crochet granny square that I’d be joining to others, I didn’t want to have to sew a rose and then work a square. So my no-sew rose flower square was born. Even better – the rose can be a stand-alone embellishment! To complement the rose square, I designed the Puffy Flower Square….a square that is still lovely, but that wouldn’t take away from the beauty of the rose one.

The possibilities are endless for these squares – you can make them as solid colors (as pictured), or you can do color changes…. I suggest the color changes after the flower parts are completed, but you can do them however you’d like.

I suggest the flat braid join for these… it goes nicely and doesn’t take away from the beauty of each square. BabyLove Brand has a lovely, easy to understand, tutorial on it.

Each square will measure 4″x4″ once finished, so they are perfect for blankets, scarves, shawls, and any other project you’d use granny squares for.


Head over to my shop to get these free patterns:

rosesq-granny-r3     puffyfsq-r4




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