SBC Original Designs: Emogen Elephant and Flanagan Fox

I’ve been a busy bee with patterns and orders! There were a few patterns I wanted to release in March (such as my coffee sleeve pattern) that I just ran out of time on, but I will get those released as soon as I can.

There are two new releases coming in the next week…so without further ado…..

Emogen Elephant

Emogen Elephant is the first pattern to be released this month, and my first amigurumi animal pattern. This one was released today (you can get it in my shop). I loved making this one….a friend asked me to make two elephants for a few friends who will welcome new arrivals soon. I love making new things….things I’ve never made before. I decided to design my own elephant instead of purchasing a pattern, and I love how my elephant turned out! It’s perfect for a nursery….it’s soft, it’s cute, color combinations are endless (making it customizable to any nursery color scheme), and let’s face it, who can resist an adorably squishy elephant??

It’s easy and fun to make. I hope y’all will enjoy it as much as I enjoyed designing and making it.


Flanagan Fox

Flanagan Fox is currently with my testers…and if all goes well, it will be released Monday, April 13. I was asked by the same friend to also make a fox…and I’ve seen quite a few fox patterns that I think are adorable, but I wanted to make my own design (especially since I designed the elephant. Somehow didn’t seem right to get a pattern for the fox after designing one of the animals for the order). So I did. And Flanagan was born. He is adorable, he is a sturdy yet squishable fox, perfect for anyone who loves foxes!

Keep your eyes peeled next Monday…pattern will be released at 0930 if testing goes well!



UPDATE 4/13/2015: Flanagan Fox pattern is now available in my shop…click HERE to get it.



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