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Free Spirited CAL: Week Three

Welcome to Thursday, y’all! It’s another Free Spirited CAL release…..aren’t you excited!

I hope you all are well…with everything going on across the US (hurricanes, fires, and such for those who are out of country), I know some of you find yourself in some crazy, scary, and challenging times. I hope y’all are safe and hopefully this can provide a little bit of welcome distraction from all the chaos.


If you’re looking for previous weeks: week one can be found here, and week two can be found here.

There are a couple new terms this week:

hdc: half double crochet

v-stitch: made by working a (dc, ch1, dc) in the same stitch


Free Spirited CAL

Week Three

Rd4: beg dc in same st you ended R3 in, ch1. *skip st, dc in next, ch1, skip st, hdc in next, ch1, skip st, dc in next, ch1, skip st, v-stitch in next, ch1.* Repeat 6 more times. Skip st, dc in next, ch1, skip st, hdc in next, ch1, skip st, dc in next, ch1, skip st, (dc, ch 1) in same st as beg dc. Sl st in top of beg dc to complete the v-stitch.

Helpful hints: The v-stitches are in the single dc’s of R3. The dc’s are in the 1st and 5th dc’s of the 5dc grouping in R3. The hdc’s are in the middle (3rd) dc of the 5 dc grouping in R3. There are no sts in the dc’s or ch sp’s from R3.

Free Spirited CAL wk3

Free Spirited CAL wk3close


I hope you’ve enjoyed this week’s round!

I’d love to see your progress… don’t forget to share on social media with the hashtag #FreeSpiritedCAL

See y’all next week!



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