New Beginnings!

Well, I finally decided to do it….. I’ve gone and got my own website!

It’s going to be quite a bit of work-in-progress for a little while, but eventually, you will not only be able to keep up with all things SBC, but you will also be able to purchase directly from my website! I will still keep my Etsy shop for some items, but there will be some items that are EXCLUSIVE to my shop here.

I’m working on getting everything all set up on the website first, and then the e-commerce part will be tweaked and finalized.

I appreciate all of y’all’s support in my crazy crochet endeavor, and I’m hoping this new set up not only will make your experience with my business better overall, but that it will make ordering from me much easier.


So cross your fingers, say a prayer, send good juju…whatever you do to send good vibes someone’s way and soon I’ll have a beautiful website that can be your “one-stop-shop.”